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  1. It’s a must visiting The Photographers Gallery every single time I’m going to London and this is twice or three times a year. Always satisfied with the exhibitions you suggest and always wondering wich will be the next one. See you on March.
    Congratulatons for your excellent work.

  2. I have the photograph of Bert Hardy’s ‘Mothers Pride’ 1954 BBC Hulton could you please tell me if it has any value thank you.

  3. Generally speaking, the Photographer’s Gallery is a ‘must go to’ destination. The current, ongoing exhibition comprising an automobile decomposition tribute to his father’s legacy, the extraordinarily powerful pictures of the uprising in Tahrir Square, the overview of ‘surveillance’ with all its sinister overtones incl. the ‘autonomy cube’ and lastly the newspaper perspective of newspapers in the countries where some of the refugees actually originated, is truly fascinating and insightful.

    My only observation would be to suggest that the ‘stack of newspapers’ piled up against the wall is rendered more explicit so that people know they can take one – an example would be to paint a newspaper stand (or use a picture) onto the wall where the newspapers are.

    All in all, pretty damn interesting. Good stuff.

  4. My Father died recently and we have been left with a 1960 photographic developer. Would you be interested in taking it? It seems a shame to throw it away.

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